Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nero's Dubstep Symphony

The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra presents Nero's Dubstep Symphony, a one in a lifetime collaboration between the dubstep giant Nero and Composer/Conductor Joe Duddell. This collaboration kicks off Dubstep Week on BBC Radio 1Xtra. It is a very interesting project and I recommend you check it out, after all it is always intriguing to hear what comes out from the collaboration between musicians of such different backgrounds (remember Metallica & the San Francisco Symphony?). Perhaps it is not the heaviest, or the most appealing for classical music fans, but give it a shot it was definitely a well prepared musical arrangement. Below you will find the Soundcloud player, but I recommend you watch the video on the BBC website here.

  2011-06-06 - Nero's Dubstep Symphony -Live- @ BBC Philharmonic Studios - Salford [NEW HQ Remastered] by Evil_Concussion

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