Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Bloody Beetroots Rmx of S.A.L.M. + Introducing DEADLIGHTS

Hell Yeah, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is back with a dirty little remix of Somthing A La Mode's "Versailles No Bara". I don't know if it has any connection with the Japanesse anime Versailles No Bara or in english The Rose of Versailles, but the vocals are by Rinko Kikuchi, who I would assume is Japanese. I do know however that the song bangs! Definitely Punk Rock Disco. Check it out below.
  S.A.L.M. "Versailles No Bara" Bloody Beetroots Rmx by thebloodybeetroots

Even though London, Ontario's Deadlights might wear awesome masks, leather jackets and produce devastatingly dirty electro/step, I guarantee there is no pun intended by posting a teaser of their fantastic new remix of King Kornelius' Regicide below Sir Bob Cornelius' new track.
I love Deadlights, they've got an awesome sound that's part dirty electro thrash and part evil dubstep. I got big expectations for this young Canadian duo in the future, sick sound plus fucking awesome masks. Hey, I think their Canada's answer to Bloody Beetroots or at least Cyberpunkers... Check em out.
  Molly's Advice by DEADLIGHTS
  The Squatters - Minesweeper (DeadLights Remix) by DEADLIGHTS
  We Are The Dead by DEADLIGHTS

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