Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whoppers... Not The Burgers, The BANGERS!

You might not know the Whoppers, so if you don't let me school you on a phenomenal upcoming french duo that has the potential to become the next big thing in the Thrash Electro. This duo made up of Rémi Buriez and Jonathan Pennel have inked a few deals primarily with Shax Tracks, the record label owned and run by Vatican producer Shax. And this makes a lot of sense, if you are fans of the Italian/Vatican sound then you NEED to know the Whoppers. Grab their amazing track Esorcista below, if it doesn't remind you of You Killing Me, Shax or The Boomzers in some way, I'd be very confused. Whoppers have a huge future in my opinion, check them out mutha fucka.

Free Download:
Whoppers - Esorcista
  Whoppers - Dirty Bitch ! ( Original mix ) by Whoppers

Bonus: hot and fresh from Adelaide, Australia hails Capt and Cooked a fantastic duo that we have featured before on this blog. Therefore I really have nothing to say except their recent string of productions have been too good not to post on. Enjoy some of finest new electro blood the land of Oz has to offer.

  Ready (Original Mix) - Capt and Cooked (Unsigned) by Capt and Cooked

  Hey You (Capt and Cooked Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run by Capt and Cooked

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  1. do you happen to have a mediafire link for ' Whoppers - Dirty Bitch ! ( Original mix )'?