Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stereoheroes - Exiles

This may be old news to most of yall but I finally got around to listening to the Stereoheroes' new EP "Exiles" out on Freakz Me Out Records and it straight crushes. It's particularly epic in regards to the fact that I haven't heard anything like this stuff from these boys since I first got into them. Regardless of that, this EP is chock full of songs that will push people off the ground and something I couldn't just let slip by. All the originals are tight with Nighthawk and Longshot putting it down hard enough to make them my favorite tracks of the whole release. This is not to say that Blatta & Inesha's touch on Nighthawk or Le Castle Vania's remix of Wildchild should be ignored. And that's the best part of this EP: It's all good. So check it out below. They put the whole thing up on soundcloud for preview before you go on over to Beatport to pick it up, which I recommend you do. Dropping these tracks in a set will make people go fucking nuts.

  StereoHeroes - Exiles EP by StereoHeroes

And if you want my favorite previous tracks by the boys check out the two below. By far two of my favorite tracks ever and something you need to hear.
Stereoheroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes*******
Zingone & Nina - Kick it (Stereoheroes Remix)******

Coming from the same label, The Boomzers are releasing a new EP called "So Fuck You" on June 17th which looks to be equally epic. Teaser below.
  The Boomzers - So Fuck You EP (Teaser) [OUT JUNE 17TH] by The Boomzers

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