Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drivepilot - Ruthless EP

Drivepilot AKA Nick Edwards recently dropped his third EP, Ruthless, and as expected it is unbelievably massive. I loved the first two Drivepilot EPs (Savages & Fuck Yeah) like children but this third EP is virtually flawless. The title track Ruthless is a chilling electro/step banger that could make any dance-floor go mad, from diehard death electro-thrash lovers to moon-boot rocking candy ravers. Also, the vocals in Ruthless are amazing, fuck its DFA1979 meets "ruthless" Electro/step. Regrets is an absolute must for those who are fans of the bangin' electro/house genre, combining vocal chops hip hop samples and scratches, erie string sections, and bangin electro drops. Devils in Milan is probably my favorite Drivepilot track of all time, you hear the spine tingling piano lead or the bassline and your like, holy shit, new Justice but then the drop comes and you know it can't be anyone but Drivepilot. Halo and GSM are electro magic and definitely shouldn't be missed either.
Well that the review, I highly recommend this EP. It's out now on Nick Edwards and Yushood Rockmore's Traction Records. You can purchase it here on Bandcamp or your favorite digital distribution outlet.
  Ruthless EP [2011] by DRIVEPILOT
Devils Bonus: Liberty is a very talented duo from Los Angeles, Download their refix of Devils in Milan, as well as another bangin' little Daylight remix and a massive original from Dan and Jeremy.
  Drivepilot - Devils In Milan (Liberty Redux) //Free Download\\ by Liberty!
  Dumme Jungs - Daylight (Liberty Redux) //RELEASED ON TECHNO CHANGED MY LIFE RECORDS\\ by Liberty!
Download: Liberty! - Middle Finger Up **(Highly Recommended)

Angst is the Debut EP from french electro/house hero The Toxic Avenger. This album is fantastic, demonstrating both Toxic Avenger's bangin' side and his more electo/pop/hop collaborations. I love The Toxic Avenger is a legend and highly recommend you grab full LP.
I know Drivepilot shares my love for The Toxic Avenger, as me and Nick both agree that The Toxic Avenger's remix of Bring Me The Horizon's Death Breath is one of the best tracks ever! Also, Drivepilot just dropped an enormous remix of Angst Two. Download it below, Phenomenal!
  The Toxic Avenger - Angst Two (Drivepilot Remix) by DRIVEPILOT

Crazy little video, it's weird but stick with it, it gets fuckin' cool.

The Toxic Avenger "Angst One" by The-Toxic-Avenger

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