Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the fuck is a Jelle Boon?

I got two burning question in my mind at 3:00AM, what is a Jelle Boon and how do European youngsters make such good music. Jelle Boon is a crazy talented 16 year old from the Netherlands. Yes, he can't even legally drive or pay income tax but he can drive a bassline better than most double his age and he sure knows how to pay the electrobill :). Fucking incredible, wether it was Telmini destroying dancefloors at 17, then RETZ dropping bombs like Initiate at 16 and then Clouds consisting of two 11 year olds (which I still don't actually believe) or Surkin signing with Institubes at 12... or was it 21, I couldn't tell from the photos (just kidding, love u Surkin). I think we should ban the continent of Europe from producing Electro and House. They are just too fucking good at it, it's unfair.
But on a serious note, check out Jelle Boon, he is scary sick!
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