Monday, August 16, 2010

Alex Metric's Radio One Set

I love England so much! I have only visited a few times before but I am still absolutely in love with the country, it's people and it's music scene. And even though I might not be a fan of the weather, the food, or the temperature of their beer; there is one thing in the United Kingdom that redeems all this and it is their radio. From the BBC to pirate radio I am consistently hearing some of the world's best DJs dropping new and exclusive stuff on the airwaves in Britain. While this might be business as usual for our European fans, it is completely foreign to us Yankees. In Los Angeles a city of over 10 Million with one of the largest electronic music scenes in the US if not the planet, it is a rare treat for DJ like Rusko or A-Trak to play a Hip-Hop set on LA's Power 106 FM. Beyond that the odds of hearing an electronic song on the radio that is not Prodigy or Daft Punk is pretty much 0. Each station plays the same 40 tracks all day long in an endless loop. "California Gurls" still probably plays 25 times a day on each a major station, Fuck me! And Pirate Radio, no chance. I guess our equivalent is College and Independent Radio like KCRW and KXLU which are probably the only US radio stations I could honestly recommend to anyone over the age of 14. 
So thank you England for providing us with a model for how to get it done right on the radio, hopefully the influx of mp3 players into cars will force American Radio to change and play something that actually stimulates and enlightens as opposed to just churning out the same mind numbing shit, day after day. 
In honor of British radio dominance I have UK producer/DJ phenom Alex Metric's set from BBC Radio One's Essential Mix this past Friday Night 8/12. In addition to playing a fantastic and very diverse set including new tracks from Louis La Roche, Primary 1, Diplo & Don Diablo, Fenech-Solar, and Metric himself; Alex M also dropped something very special, a new exclusive track from none other then French house legends Cassius. This new single is supposedly one track off a new EP which, knowing the legends Boombass and Zdar and the group of very talented musicians they call friends, this EP is not one to miss. Check out Alex Metrics awesome new mix and grab a set/radio rip (with voices, sorry) of Cassius' new track "I 3 U So" as well as Aeroplane's (who are sooooo on point right now) great new remix of Chromeo's new track "Don't Turn the Lights On".

Alex Metric's Radio One Set 8/12/10 (Dowload Full Set)
1. Fenech-Soler Fenech-Soler – Lies *Great song, sorry I can't post it
2. Louis La Roche – My Turn
3. Don Diablo & Diplo – Make You Pop
4. Harvard Bass & Bart B More – Listen To This
5. Dem Slackers – Swagger (Evil Nine remix)
6. Ellie Goulding – Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix)
7. Joe and Will Ask? – Rainbow Trout
8. Yeasayer – Madder Red (Golden Filter Remix)
9. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
Cassius – I ♥ U So
11. The Chemical Brothers – Horse Power (Popof Remix)
12. Disco of Doom – Sex Face
13. Delorean – Come Wander
The Record That Changed It All: Fenech-Soler
1. The Whispers – Keep On Loving Me
2. Primary 1 — Never Know
Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights Out (Aeroplane remix)

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