Monday, May 17, 2010

They Come From a Label Down & Under

The Australian Record Label Tuffem UP! is recruiting acts from all over the globe. Among its members the one that might have the hardest sound is HAEZER, who signed up with the Australian label and will be touring the land down and under with Gtronic (if you happen to be there this summer, or winter? check out the dates for the the tour here).
HAEZER's most recent material is hard to say the least, and anyone doubting that statement can just listen to these tracks and realize how wrong they can be (there is only one definition of hard and we know it):

HAEZER-Dominator (192kbps)**
HAEZER-Anarchy! (147kbps)
HAEZER-Warfare (feat. Label) (320kbps)
HAEZER-Smut Me (320kbps)

...If you want more tracks I would suggest listening to the remix of one HAEZER's earlier songs 'Who the Fuck is HAEZER?' by Italians Cyberpunkers or one of HAEZER's many remixes.

HAEZER-Who the Fuck is Haezer? (Cyberpunkers Remix) (319kbps)
F.O.O.L.-We're not French (HAEZER Remix) (320kbps)**

This is the bonus section, because you have to have one:

Barretso, from Viña del Mar, Chile is also signed by this label. We see a lot of collaborations between Barretso and the other Australian artists on these record label (other members include Redial and Kolt13); however, something that makes Barretso's work a bit unique is the sound he creates when remixing Astro (an electronic indie-psychedelic act also from Chile). I don't think we see enough artists from Latin America so give him a second of your time and check out his EP Bright City Lights:

Barretso-We Won't Stop (Redial Remix) (320kbps)

Housse de Raquet- Oh Yeah! (Barretso Remix) (320kbps)
Astro-Ea Dem! (Barretso Remix) (320kbps)***

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