Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aaren Reale and Chewy Chocolate Cookies: Black EP

Aaren Reale, from Lyon France, is releasing an incredible EP, that includes two original tracks and an edit for of those already great songs by Chewy Chocolate Cookies. For those of you, who know CCC, you know that when these guys put their hands on something it is bound to be epic. Words cannot fully describe how well-done this EP is, so I am just going to put the preview below and the link to buy it over here. The tracks speak for themselves.

   CCC009 - Aaren Reale "Black" EP - Out Now - Beatport.com Exclusive by ChewyChocolateCookies

But please, do not make the mistake of thinking, that since CCC is part of it they are carrying all the weight. Demonstrating Aaren Reale's talent is no hard job. I think it is fair to say that remixing Justice is not easy, and that only a few and for that matter the greatest have done so successfully (Boys Noize and Soulwax come to mind). Keeping those high standards in mind, give Aaren Reale's remix of We Are Your Friends a minute and it will impress you.

   Justice - We are your friend (Aaren Reale Remix) by Aaren Reale

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