Monday, February 14, 2011

Ninetynine & Dominic Pierce: Close To Modern

Ninetynine is a Canadian producer originally from Calgary but now based in Vancouver. He makes music that he describes as Nightmare House/Electro and I agree, he produces dark, heavy and scary breed of electro/house. But don't take it from me, his tracks have been supported, remixed and played out in sets by some of the founders and champions of heavy and scary electro/house like The Proxy, Q.G., Les Petits Pilous, and Mashed Paper Klub. Want some music? Grab some huge tracks from 99 down below and swing by his soundcloud to hear more.
Ninetynine - Petrol
Ninetynine - Chernobyl SS
Mr. Oizo - Hun (Ninetynine Remix)
We Are Tokyo - Best In Me (Ninetynine's Nightmare Remix)

Dominic Pierce is another talented Canadian originally from Calgary and based in Van. & Calgary. Dominic lists his major influences as Cassius, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx which you can definitely feel through his music. He produces a unique, original and awesome mixture of House and French Touch with a whole lot more. With much support coming from talented French Touchers like The Phantoms Revenge, Dominic clearly got skills. Check out some of his work below and make sure you swing by his Soundcloud page for added listening.
Dominic Pierce - Blonde (Original Mix)
Dominic Pierce - Blonde (The Phantoms Revenge Remix)
Dominic Pierce - Vibrations

Close To Modern Bonus: Dominic Pierce and Ninetynine also co-run a label project called Close To Modern. So far it is just the two of them on the label as well as their collaborative project NNPP. Keep an eye out of Close To Modern, Dominic, 99 and NNPP in the near future, I expect big things. 
If you wanna know more about Close To Modern, please swing by their awesome tumblr page. Their tumblr rocks, it has music, photos, humor and all kinds of funny and/or super rare interviews with some very interesting individuals. The following super hilarious interview with French legends Justice is taken from the Close to Modern tumblr.

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