Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TheRiotz! 3rd EP - Social Defector

The video above is the visual stimulus for the Social Defector EP that came out about a month ago on WetShake Records by none other than TCHNCRCY favorites, TheRiotz! So if you didn't catch the older post I did on TheRiotz! then go check it out. These Koreans can really fucking put it down and as always their newish EP is packed to the brim with glitched out beats and destructive bass. I'm sorry I didn't get this all to you sooner but if you were on your shit you already know. If you weren't, like me, you can check out the whole EP on soundcloud below. All that aside, the original is a bleep fest that reminds me of Boys Noize with its computerized voice samples and the risekr remix is breakbeat to its finest. I'm finding it really hard to find anything these guys do that I don't like. Definitely keep an eye out for new hits popping from these two.

New Release !!! 3rd EP.Theriotz!-Social Defector by THERIOTZ

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