Monday, February 21, 2011

Dada Life- White Noise/ Red Meat EP

This EP dropped Febraury first on Dim Mak Records. White Noise/Re Meat is one the Swedish duo's more powerful tracks, it has a solid light bass synth that drives the melody into a great drop leading to steady and incredible distorted bass and good drums, I highly recommend spending a little money on an EP that revolves around such a satisfying track. As you can see from the teaser below, if there is one thing that we can see Dada Life, The Beetroots, and Will Ferrel agree on (at least implicitly) is that sometimes you just have to have more cowbell.

Check out the track here:
Dada Life- White Noise/ Red Meat (Original Mix)***


Perhaps we know something else you might like. I recommend looking into what the fantastic Swedish duo F.O.O.L. has put out for free very recently. Below is the preview of the whole 'To Japan and Never Back' EP and the download link. Not only does it feature a few F.O.O.L. originals, which have the usual sound but this time infused with melodic light synths (pretty interesting), but also features a Redial remix that is very solid and flirts with Dubstep and a Dead C∆T Bounce Remix that is just too sick. Don't miss it!
  To Japan And Never Back FREE EP Download! by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

F.O.O.L.-To Japan and Never Back EP

What!? More Bonus:????
Yes more bonus. Because we know you want more, here is another banging Swedish duo...

...Puma Sweden's rack, allegedly featured in over 105 "Swedish Flicks." What a hard-working girl. Only thing is that she doesn't produce any banger electro track's (or does she?).

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