Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mustard Pimp - Money Shot Out March 1st

Fuck yes! Mustard Pimp, people who we are very fond of around these parts, is dropping a new EP on March 1st on Dim Mak. Not only that, they're hooking up with frontman Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence. Jimmy Urine's ridiculous lyrics and Mustard Pimps' pumped up beats just sounds epic in words and the real deal  comes through on all fronts. You can pick up the album when it's released or pre-order it on iTunes. Whatever you do, just don't miss it.  And as a bonus, the boys have given us Italian Doc Trashz's remix for free just to get their hooks into you. Grab it below while checking out the previews for the rest of the EP. The lyrics are just spot on awesome and if you're unsatisfied with the drops Doc Trashz provides check out the preview of the original and Modek's awesome remix. They've got the medicine you need. It's only one week till it drops and I know you're itching to get your hands on the full versions. Just make due till then and blast that shit when it drops. And don't forget about the full length album "No Title of Purpose" the French duo are working on, set to release on Dim Mak in May. 2011 is going to be an epic year.

  Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot by mustard pimp
  Mustard Pimp feat Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Doc Trashz Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by mustard pimp
  Mustard Pimp feat. Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (The Loops Of Fury mix) [128k preview] by TheLoopsOfFury
  Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Modek Remix) preview by Modek
  Mustard Pimp - Money Shot (Felix Luker Remix) [128 kbps preview] OUT SOON ON DIM MAK RECORDS by Felix Luker

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