Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do You Want Some 8-bit With That?

I think 8-bit music can be the shit, and I think it is very impressive how people can compose on only four channels per Game Boy cartridge and with the most boring interface you can imagine. But there is a reason why 99% of the stuff posted here is not a magical bleep filled track, and that is because we love bass and firmly believe that drums are meant to hit a wide range of frequencies, specially low ones. So far, most 8-bit music that has come my way has been produced by purist who even at times avoid the help of modern software. That, I believe, has kept the genre obscure. Imagine what would come out of a combination of the 8-bit leads and bleepy goodness and electro drums and bass-lines that hit the low ends fully and in a way that 8-bit drums (crashes mainly) simply can't.

The outcome I believe sounds pretty much like this Sabrepulse track, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Close To Me by sabrepulse

If you like what you hear hit the Sabrepulse tag at the end of the post.

Something else that gets the idea, although not as right as the previous track, is this Shirobon Remix. This UK producer has also been mentioned on this blog in earlier posts. Enjoy.

Sulumi - Machine it (Shirobon Remix) by Shirobon

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  1. Never heard anything 8-bit like this. That Sabrepulse track totally mindfucked me.