Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ed Banger Says: Let the Children Techno

We have all been waiting for the next Ed Banger release, and even though The Rawkers Ep was one of the best of the last year, it is clear that Ed Banger needs to put out yet another amalgam of electro tracks that will bring them back the glory they enjoyed back in 2007.

How come Sebastian's album is not ready? Well, it could be plain laziness, I mean, it was due ages ago. Or perhaps, Pedro Winter, is holding on to Ed Banger's new arsenal of tracks strategically; testing them with the audience and following a Darwinian process, choosing only the best. Only time will tell, but us the fans can't wait for more bangers to dance to; fans constantly digging deeper and deeper online in hopes to find that DJ set on youtube that features an unreleased Ed Banger track no matter if someone recorded it with a shitty camera phone. And that sort of devotion is the result of only the highest of expectations; a fact Ed Banger might be aware of. If anything it is clear that they have set a high bar for others and themselves. Fans want the french legends to be done producing movie scores and soundtracks, and want them behind the turntables.

The real question is whether or not Ed Banger will lead the new wave of electro in 2011-2012. Can a new Sebastian album and hopefully a new Justice album live up the expectations and deliver as much as they did before Ed Banger had become a global phenomenon? We sure hope so.

Anyways, here is the latest Ed Banger compilation to come out February 21 on iTunes. It is mixed by DJ Mehdi and Busy P and features unreleased tracks by Sebastian, Mr. Oizo (who claims to feel like a "castrated Hugh Hefner wearing a Sponge Bob costume" when performing live??), Mehdi, Feadz, Breakbot, Busy P, and many more (sorry no Justice track, or for that matter U.S. dates on the promotional tour). Check out this link to preview and pre-order the mix. It is hard to tell what some of the tracks will end up sounding like, but you will get our review once the tracks are released.

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