Monday, February 14, 2011

Teenage Bad Girl - Keep Up With You EP

Everyone wants some Teenage Bad Girl for Valentines day! And while that statement might prompt calls to child protective services in some circles, in dance music circles this statement rings universally true. Today the French electronic duo and Archibel Records owners and Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazbuski of Teenage Bad Girl released the Keep Up With You EP on Citizen Records. The original mix sounds like Van Halen's take on electro/house and needless to say it is phenomenal! The EP also contains fantastic and very diverse remixes from Louis La Roche, Depressed Button (formerly The Faint), Lifelike, and Huoratron. I highly recommend that you purchase the whole damn thing on Beatport, because it fucking rocks. And keep your fingers crossed for a Teenage Bad Girl LP hopefully coming soon.

Citizen Records Bonus: Italian production duo Produkkt recently released a fantastic EP on Citizen Records. The EP is titled Invasion and it features three originals and remixes from huge talents like Irish Steph, Cyberpunkers, Adriano Canzian. Check the whole thing out below and follow the link in the player to buy.

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