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Boxon Records is Gonna Make Your Ears Bleed

Boxon Records is a French label I've loved for some time now. With a collective of artists including Gooseflesh, Tom Deluxx, Dilemn, Eclier, The Boomzers, Costello and remixers including Toxic Avenger, Les Petits Pilous, Cyberpunkers, Belzebass, Saint Pauli, aUtOdiDakT and many others, it is easy to see why this Bordeaux based label holds a special place in my heart.
However, over the past few months, with a the string of great releases, Boxon Recs has popped up on my radar as one of the most interesting and exciting music label around. Dilemn's Better Worlds LP is at the top of my list for BEST ALBUMS of the year. The Boomzers, Rowentah EP is absolutely stuffed full of bangers and T.Raumschmiere's brand new The Rave is On EP is no different. If you aren't yet acquainted with Boxon or you're just excited to see what the future holds for the label, please check out the following.

Makes Me Bloody is the third compilation album from Boxon Records. They brought it hard with 1 & 2 but 3 is lining up to be an absolute stomper. A number of previews and teaser videos are out already. You can check out a few linked through the tracklist below. And you can swing by Boxon's webpage for a full preview of their upcoming compilation. Also, I highly recommend that you check out The Zombie Kids teaser video, below the tracklist. It is definitely the best teaser video I have seen since Q.G.'s zombie rave or Huoratron's Corporate Occult madness from Cedric Blaisbios. Watch the video teaser by Hugo Cos for The Zombie Kids' new track L'Ecole here.
Cover Art By: Matthieu Lauret
1) Y - Hello Bye Bye (Costello Remix)
2) The Zombie Kids - L’Ecole featuring Moi
3) Super Commodore - Busy
4) Gloumout - Do You Like
5) The Edge - Jesus
6) BioBlitz - Stereofunk
7) AccessDenied - Intrigant
8) Meisterfackt - Ganesha
9) Dopefish - Rewind
10) Bone Machine - Don't Lie To Me
11) Sovnger - Pacemaker
12) The Fire And The Reason - It Starts With One (Ecleir Remix)
   Sovnger - Pacemaker (Boxon edit) by Sovnger
   Don't lie to me "extrait" by bone machine

Fire & Reason (Eclier Remix) mixed by DJ CAT from BOXON RECORDS from Boxon Records on Vimeo.

As I said before, Dilemn's new album Better Worlds is easily the best album to come out so far this year. Ed Banger artists promising new LPs like SebastiAn, Justice and Mr. Oizo will have their work cut out for them if they are hoping to dethrone Dilemn's masterpiece debut LP from top spot at album of the year. The album has elements of Electro, House and Dubstep/Electrostep that come together to to produce 52 minutes of bangin' beats. The album is so diverse it's really hard to describe without going track by track but roughly it sounds like Daft Punk meets Toxic Avenger meets Skrillex with a dash of Mr. Oizo and Phantoms Revenge. But you can't compare it to anyone else really. Check out some tracks below and purchase the whole album here.
01. No More 0:53
02. Clapping 4:36
03. Better World (feat. Youthstar) 3:44
04. Like This 5:22 [Listen Below: Absolute Banger, My Favorite Track]

05. Move Yo Feet (feat. Blake & Wonderkat) 4:12 [Love it sick party track!]
06. Don't Break It 4:46  [Listen Below: Whiny LFO madness, Whiny like Proxy, it's awesome]

07. I Am Cold 3:40 [Very cool, house + electro + bass. I Luv it!]
08. Catch The Looks (Dilemn Radio Edit Remix) by Dyebox 3:39 [Listen Below]

09. Modern Slave 4:26 [French Housey and super cool]
10. Analog Power 4:45 [Listen Below: So sick... when did Daft Punk and Oizo do a colab?]

11. Time 4 Me (feat. Miss Trouble) 3:20
12. Mechanical Pleasure (feat. Kloé) 4:49
13. Plugged 4:41 [Listen Below: Watch out Skrillex there's a new electrostep guru in the house]

The latest offering from Boxon Records, The Rave Is On EP by T.Raumschmiere is a destroyer. The legendary German Techno/punk producer drops three new huge tracks and shockingly, their all super Ravey. Also with fantastic remixes from Fukkk Offf, Pro7, Thomas Brinkmann and Dilemn. I highly recommend you purchase this EP. Check out Dilemn's remix down below in 192kbps.
01. The Rave Is On
02. Entertain Me
03. Duster
04. The Rave is On (Thomas Brinkmann Remix)
05. Entertain Me (Fukkk Offf Remix)
06. Entertain Me (Dilemn Remix) [Listen Below & Download Here 192kbps]

07. Entertain Me (Pro7 Remix)

Easily one of my favorite EP of the year so far. Rowentah! is a phenomenal song from Italians, The Boomzers. The EP comes with too many amazing remixes to ever reasonably list. Check out the tracklist and a few of may favorites below. You can purchase Rowentah! here.
1/ The Boomzers - Rowentah (5.29)
2/ Far Too Loud Remix (5.39)
3/ Electrixx Remix (6.00)
4/ Belzebass Remix (5.13) [Listen Below & Download Here]

5/ Saint Pauli Remix (5.29)
6/ Deadbots Remix (4.13) [Listen Below & Download Here]

7/ Blaster & The Killers Rabbits Remix (3.52)
8/ Bullwack Remix (3.23)
Boxon Records is holding a remix competition for  Dilemn's track Clapping. The contest ends tomorrow and there have been some amazing remixes submitted so far. Check out some of my favorites.
  Dilemn - Clapping (Telmini Remix) by Telmini
  DILEMN - Clapping (Un:Code Remix) by UN:CODE
  Dilemn - Clapping (BioBlitZ Remix ) // Now in full lenght version !! by BioBlitZ

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