Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dim Mak Sends SXSW Off With A Bang! + Unreleased Skrillex and 12th Planet

1ST - "Skrillex - Equinox" (unreleased Skrillex tune)
2ND - "Skrillex & 12th Planet - Needed Change"
3RD - "La Roux - In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix)"
4TH - "Skrillex - All I Ask Of You (Skrillex & 12th Planet Remix)" (unreleased track)
5TH - "Doctor P - Watch Out"
6TH - "Nero - Guilt (VIP Mix)"
7TH - "Excision & Datsik - Swagga"

"Felix Cartal - Montreal Dreams"

"Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson - Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix)"
Above Videos Courtesy of: Masamune100000, follow the link for a bunch more sick video coverage of the night)

Unreleased "Skrillex - Equinox" GREAT SOUND AND VID QUALITY. Uploaded by MrShsball

I'm definitely still nursing a devastating hangover from the mayhem that was this years SXSW. However I'm going to bare the brightness of my computer screen to bring you this final SXSW story.
Last night Dim Mak Records through a SXSW send off party at Republic Live in Austin. The event featured killer sets from the likes of Felix Cartal, Mustard Pimp, Steve Aoki, Peacetreaty and massive surprise guests SKRILLEX AND 12TH PLANET. I really take my hat off to Sonny Moore (Skrillex) and 12th Planet for showing us fans love and playing such and awesome set for absolutely no compensation (they weren't getting paid, 'cause they weren't actually booked). After a long festival, during which both artists played almost every night I don't know how they found the energy to make it out and play till 5AM for no charge at all!!! Thank you guys, you killed it.
Mustard Pimp played a bangin' set, dropping gems like the brand new Money Shot and their remix of Wake Up Call by Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson, featured in the video above. Felix Cartal also fucking killed it, dropping all my favorite new and old tracks, such as Montreal Dreams, featured above. Sorry the sound in the video kinda clips, the filmer got it the best it possibly could be I promise. I don't think I have ever heard such a small club bump it so hard, I felt like someone shot an 50- caliber M-60 next to my head all night when I got out.
Also, in all the above videos you can see your's truly, me, Space Cadet, liquored up and raging. On the Mustard Pimp vid I'm in the bottom right of the screen and Felix Cartal I'm in the bottom left. I am the one doing a lot of crazy double fist pumping and all kinds of weird shit, LOL. You can't really see me in the Skrillex + 12th Planet vid because I'm in the front but I remember vaguely getting my lighter up first, cause I was smoking a cig, so thats me. 
SKRILLEX + 12TH PLANET (photo by me, that why it sucks)
Aoki took the stage over from Felix Cartal at 1:40 and played till about 3:20. Despite some mixed feelings I harbor for Aoki live, last night he killed it. During his Lion King vs. Rage Against The Machine outro (LOL), Skrillex and 12th Planet appeared and the crowd went MAD. Skrillex and 12th Planet took turns on the decks and blew everyones mind dropping tons of new and/or unreleased bangers. They played out SXSW till the wee hour of the morning, only finishing this phenomenal set at 5AM.
Check out some tracks from the duo of Skrillex and 12th Planet below. Enjoy!
Skrillex and 12th Planet - Father Said
Skrillex and 12th Planet - Needed Change
Skrillex - All I Ask of You feat Penny (Original Mix)
German Electro House phenom Zedd has been featured on a few of Skrillex's EP now. He recently released a fantastic remix which takes you on an 8-bit trip down memory lane. Zedd's remix of The Legend of Zelda theme song lays a bangin' electro punch on top of the classic 8-bit lead. Check it out below along with his work for Skrillex.
Zedd - The Legend of Zelda (Mediafire DL)

  Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix) by Zedd
  Skrillex - Weekends!!! feat. Sirah (Zedd Remix) by Zedd

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