Friday, March 4, 2011

Crux Records Says Bombs Away w/ Blatta & Inesha's My Lady Don't Mind EP

What says pin up girls and bombs better than a B-17, Crux Records is here to tell you that Blatta & Inesha's new EP "My Lady Don't Mind" does. The EP features two tracks, My Lady Don't Mind (A-side) and Daddy's Home (B-side), plus a very special bonus banger Walk & Talk. Both are sick but the EP still comes packing more serious heat with remixes from Modek, Gooseflesh, and 2 Guys in Venice. The EP is out May 2 and will be available through all the usual digital outlets, I imagine. Check out Modek's remix of "My Lady Don't Mind" and Gooseflesh's mix of "Daddy's Home", watch out they are both 50 megaton bangers (like the Tsar Bomba muther fucker).

Blatta & Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix)

Blatta & Inesha - Daddy's Home (Gooseflesh Remix)

Modek Bonus: This is one talented Belgian, check out more Modek down below.

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