Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dumme Jungs - Daylight EP

Dumme Jungs, a duo from Germany, just released a new EP called "Daylight" on their label Techno Change My Life. At first I didn't know what I thought about the song, considering the video is your typical "everybody is fucked up and partying at our show!" thing. The coffin idea is cool, if not a bit pretentious, and there are some girls making out which is always a plus. Then, for some reason, those lyrics just got into my head and the song just grew on me. It has a heavy bassline and the samples are catchy as hell, so check it out for yourself. It's out on beatport with the club mix which is harder and choppier if that fits your mood. The short mix is my favorite version just because it gets to the point and the lyrics mesh better with the flow of the song. I suggest you check out the club mix below and listen to what it's got to offer before making any decisions. I'm also putting up their original song "Saber Rider" which is free to download and their remix of "Get Down" that may be the best song I've heard from them. "Get Down" is just ridiculously hard and dropped on Disco Trash Music's Under Attack Remix EP Part 1 a few months ago in January. My hope is to hear more stuff like this in the future. I'll be keeping my ears out for new stuff they'll be dropping and you should do the same.

  Disco Trash Music - Get Down! (Dumme Jungs Remix) by Dumme Jungs
  Dumme Jungs - Daylight (Club Mix) by Dumme Jungs
  Dumme Jungs - Saber Rider by Dumme Jungs

If you haven't heard this track yet, I would get excited. TCHNCRCY favorites Cyberpunkers dropped a live mash-up of their demon of a song "Cabala" and the famed Daft Punk track "Harder Better Faster Stronger" which is absolutely unmissable. While it may be easy to slap Daft Punk songs over anything, I haven't heard something that made me bang my head and want to dance like that for a while, especially since we've all heard "Harder Better Faster Stronger" a million times. So check it out below and download it for free.
  Cyberpunkers - Cabala (HBFS Mash-Up Live Remix) by Cyberpunkers

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