Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UPDATE: The Subs - Decontrol OUT NOW

I previously mentioned that The Subs would be dropping their second full-length LP on Lektroluv soon when I was speaking on their epic EP, "The Face of the Planet". Well the album finally dropped two days ago and I got a chance to finally listen to it. The subs are a really unique duo and the album shares their eccentricities to a T. Listening to it, songs like "Hairdo" and "The Fuck Song" reminded me of Tiga, with quirky samples laid over really well constructed beats. I was finding it difficult to put into words how the album comes together. Parts of it are just drawn out repetitive sounds like "Itch" and "The Invisible Man" which put me off. However, others are just hard bangers like the title track "Decontrol" and "Lemonade". Both collaborations with label buddy Highbloo are also epic. "The Hype" just stomps and is close to my favorite track on the whole EP, if "Face of the Planet" wasn't so damn good. Overall, the LP is something I strongly recommend picking up, either from Beatport or iTunes. While not all the tracks will blow your mind, they're all more than enjoyable and the few that shine are must haves.

And because I never like posting without some music, The Subs just put out a Dj Set for Australia's major radio station, Triple J, on Soundcloud which contains several songs off their new album. If you aren't feeling the previews out there, check out the mix to get a feel for what you're getting. You can also go watch TCHNCRCY favorite Fake Blood playing out "Face of the Planet" at Hard Weekend in LA's Club Nokia. Would've killed to see that show.

  The Subs for Triple J (Australia) mixtape by THE SUBS
(Tracklist after the Jump)

Glass Candy – Introduction
Cassius – Les Enfants – Gesaffelstein Remix
The Subs – The Face Of The Planet – Style Of Eye Remix
Mixhell - Antigalactic - Mumbai Science Remix
Shadow Dancer - Murder Room
Chromeo – Hot Mess – Djedjotronic Remix
Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass – Extreme Compote
The Subs – The Visible Man
Highbloo – Time To Change Part 1
Punks Jump Up – Blockhead – Zombie Nation Remix
The Subs – The Hype
Zombie Nation – Overshoot – Dj Mehdi Remix
Siriusmo – Feromonikon
Hypnosis – End Title
Feadz – 11% Acid
The Subs – Don’t Stop
Highbloo – Time To Change Part 2
The Subs - Octopus demo
The Subs – Face Of The Planet

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