Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rocket - Suicide In Venice EP

Suicide in Venice is the brand new, self-released EP from Rocket, a solo producer out of Guadalajara, Mexico. Suicide in Venice smashes together Death Metal and Electro with a dash ominous yet delicate piano and strings to produce a uniquely devastating bread of Death/Thrash Electro. If you like producers like The Toxic Avenger, Drivepilot or F.O.O.L. I highly recommend that you check this EP out. Listen to the full EP below and download the Orchestral Version and the RDHS (Robots Don't Have Sisters) remix.
  Suicide in Venice by Rocket.

Bonus: The triumphant return of MSTRKRFT happened today after a few long months of the duo's inactivity and slightly questionable solo remixes. Like Rocket's Suicide in Venice, MSTRKRFT's new track, "Beards Again" has a distinct metal influence, definitely Iron Maiden-esque at times, and to me it signals a definitive return to form for the Canadian duo. Grab it below.
MSTRKRFT - Beards Again

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