Monday, March 28, 2011

Agitare il tuo Culo/ Shake Your Ass Records Part 3: Beyond Bergamo

You might have noticed that we are HUGE fans of S.Y.A.R. (S.Y.A.R. PT. 1S.Y.A.R. PT. 2). For good reason, this label which just over a year ago introduce the world to a few relatively unknown Northern Italian producers has expanded incredibly quickly become one of the most influential death and thrash Electro/House records on the planet.  Don't believe me, look at their roster of artists (Legends of thrash electro/house right?) and check out a few of their new/upcoming releases below. We LOVE the thrash and death electro sounds coming out of Italy right now. However, this post will feature some of the best sounds on S.Y.A.R. from beyond Lo Stivale (outside of Italy) to expose S.Y.A.R. every expanding empire of BANG.
JUSTROCK is a dude from Ukraine, who I honestly haven't followed very closely in the past. However, today that all changed. I just finished listening to the new teaser for his debut LP, Fuck The Road... It is fucking MASSIVE. This album is easily gonna be in the running for one of the best of the year. The album is scheduled for release on April 18, 2011 on none other than S.Y.A.R., DO NOT MISS THIS ONE FOLKS. Also, I highly recommend that you check out/Download some more fantastic offerings from JUSTROCK down below.
Mediafire Downloads:
Justrock - Get High (PROMO)
Justrock - Subaru Fuck The Road (Original WRX STI Mix) NEW NOISE !!!
  Justrock - Head Off (Original Mix) by Justrock Music
The High-Dolls are a Electro/Rock trio based out of Liège, Belgium. The trio is comprised of Loïc Braibant (Lead guitar/ Vocals), Pierre Livermore (Lead vocals) and Raoul Noppeley (Producer/ keys/ DJ/Vocals). The High-Dolls new EP C'est De La Merde! perfectly demonstrates how to make Electro/Rock in this day and age: Combine great lyrics and vox with shredding guitar and cutting edge electro/thrash production! C'est De La Merde! is out now on S.Y.A.R., follow this beatport link to buy. I highly recommend you listen/buy to the track: "DISCO", IT IS FUCKING AMAZING!
Older High-Dolls greatness for Download:
The High-Dolls - Dance
The High-Dolls - Fireboots
  The High-Dolls - "C'est de la Merde!" EP [2011] by The High-Dolls
Controls (CTRLS) is a DJ/Producer. He comes from the future, 30XX, and therefore will not reveal his face, name, location or origins (be they biological or mechanical) in order to not radically alter the future. He will however share with you his sounds. For a taste of Death Electro and Dubstep in the 31st century please check out CTRLS below.
For Download:
Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Muscle Rollers (Controls Edit)
Controls - We Are Here (128 KBPS)
Controls - Judgement
Anarbor - Let The Games Begin (Controls Remix)

More greatness from friends of S.Y.A.R.
  Drivepilot - GSM by DRIVEPILOT
  Drivepilot - Halo by DRIVEPILOT
  Mr. Wonk- Beastmode [short preview] by Mr. Wonk
Sawgood is a pioneer of the modern Thrash Electro sound, he recently invented a genre known simply as Sawstep, LOL. Grab his remix for the Chase and Status Remix Comp below.
  Chase & Status - Time ( Sawgood Remix ) by Sawgood

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