Sunday, March 20, 2011

DFA 1979's 1st Reunion So Massive it Sparks Riot at SXSW

I can't even begin to describe how fucking crazy last night's Undocumented Management party at the Beauty Bar in Austin, TX was in full detail! But here is a shot at a little summary of events.

The night started off super well with superb sets from Felix Cartal, Harvard Bass, Bird Peterson and Run DMT. Then the "secret guest" took the stage, Toronto duo Death From Above 1979. Earlier that day DFA 1979 had announced via Twitter that they would be playing their first gig after an nearly a six years hiatus. Needless to say the crowd inside and outside of the venue where amped for the triumphant return of DFA. The small venue had around 200 people tightly packed into a space parking lot and the alley directly adjacent had upwards of 500. 

About 20 minutes into the set the fans in the alley who had been banging on the fence and ripping down bushes desperately trying to get a view of the newly reunited DFA managed to completely tear down the fence. Austin PD on the premisses greeted the fans in the ally with tasers and industrial strength mace to prevent anyone in the alley from sneaking in (See Fence Come Down + Cops Tasers and Mace on Video). The kids in the front who got hit super hard were vomiting and convulsing on the ground with their teary eyes swollen shut from the mace.
There was a short intermission while the fence was tied back up and then the music and the mayhem started once again. Approximately 30 minutes after the fence came down Austin riot police brought four cars to block the alley and marched six horses through in an attempt to disperse the crowd. However, the spectacle only attracted more followers. The swelling crowd throwing insults, cans, cups and bottles at the cops would repeatedly push back to the fence as the horses finished their pass through the ally. Eventually cops on foot started making arrests clubbing and handcuffing fans who had thrown plastic cups or verbally assaulted the officers. After the arrests were made the police dispersed and the party outside continued on till the show eventually ended around 2:30.
All in all I can say this is one of the most memorable shows of my life and will go down in history as the savage return of dance-punk legends Death From Above. Please check out the videos of my favs from last night above and check out almost the entire DFA 1979 reunion set on Youtube.

I also got the chance to speak with JFK, Sebastian Grainger and Al-P (other half of MSTRKRFT) who was in attendance. They are all the nicest friendliest guys on earth and they all nodded at the notion that new DFA 1979 and MSTRKRFT is coming soon, along with a potential DFA 1979 cover of MSTRKRFT's new single Beards Again. Sooooooooo Sick!
UPDATE: Told you so, check out  a new MSTRKRFT track down below.

Felix Cartal absolutely killed it last night, bringing his massive sound super hard and getting a crowd that seemed mostly interested in DFA to bounce. I also got the chance to have a quick conversation with Taelor (Felix Cartal), who very graciously accepted my many praises. 
If you are lucky enough to be in Austin tonight I highly recommend that you swing by the Dim Mak Party @ Republic tonight. The line-up features Felix Cartal, Mustard Pimp, Steve Aoki, Blaqstarr, Peacetreaty, Rob Roy, RAC and more.
If you couldn't make it to SXSW console yourself with this new banger Felix Cartal just released for the upcoming Mortal Kombat Album Executive Produced by none other than JFK himself. Enjoy!
  Kung Lao's Theme by Felix Cartal

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