Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't Call It 8-Bit: Shirobon

It is finally happening. I have waited many years since I heard my first 8-bit tracks by Nullsleep and Trash80, to see this so called 8-bit artists collaborate with electro producers or make the transition themselves (No, Huoratron and Crystal Castles DON'T COUNT). Shirobon's (and Richard Wilkins) Obliterate cannot be called a chiptune, nor can it be played straight from the 8-bit soundcard of the old-school gameboy. This track is a banger, hits hard and can fight its way into the hardest of electro playlists. Just hit play and don't think for a second your are about to hear the music for a Megaman game, you are about to hear some hard electro... that is of course with the right dosage of sick 8-bit leads.

Richard Wilkins vs Shirobon - Obliterate by Shirobon

And a little bonus:

Check out Shirobon's acid track. This shit brings to mind one of the most recent Boys Noize compilations.
Brainless by Shirobon

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