Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Subs - The Face of the Planet

What is it about Gent that just makes the music I fucking love? The Subs have popped up all over this blog working with other great artists but the Belgian trio just dropped a new EP filled to the brim with fucking hammering basslines and foundation-threatening beats. Called "The Face of the Planet", the new release is their first single off their upcoming full length album "Decontrol" coming out at the end of this month on Lektroluv. I'm so down. 

Until then the previews are out on soundcloud and down below. The above video has the whole original if you like watching little kids freak out old people. You can also buy the whole EP on Beatport which I recommend because the likes of Gtronic, Clouds, and Tai all grace it's tracklist. I gotta say that this is one of the better EP's I've heard in a while. The original grows on you within two plays after you hear the synths really shine in the second half. And if that isn't heavy enough for you, just check out the newly formed Parametic's filthy, heavy dub remix of the track that is just a wrecking ball of sound and my favorite remix off the EP. Can't wait to hear more of their shit to come. Keep your eyes open for more of their stuff and be ready for The Subs to drop "Decontrol" soon.

  The Subs - The Face Of The Planet (preview) by lektroluvrecords
Speaking of heavy dub, Figure just dropped a new EP on Beatport about a month ago, "Monsters of Drumstep", that didn't get much play and deserves some attention. My favorite track "Zombies" is chock full of awesome samples and has these wobbles that will fuck with your speakers if not your head. Cop that shit!

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