Friday, March 18, 2011

Embody, the First Single from SebastiAn's LP

The first single is out and with a video directed by So Me, pretty cool combo right? Take a second to click play on the video below and listen to what Sebastian has to offer the thousands of Ed Banger fans that have been anticipating this moment (all of us, I am sure, with different expectations) for far too long. When I think SebastiAn, I think of that RATM (Killing in the Name) remix that people posted on youtube warning that the gain on it would fuck your speakers up (I know it makes no sense, but it was a beautiful idea). Embody is far from Killing in the Name, far from Ross Ross Ross, far from Walkman and for that matter even far from the idea we got from the preview we posted last week. I am not saying it is a bad track at all, but that the aggressiveness of 2007 SebastiAn was completely absent. This track is definitely a look into SebastiAn's softer side, the track is more melodic, and vocals are more dominant. It is a chill song and of course shows great composition all throughout. Together with Justice's Civilization, this track is a signal of Ed Banger's new proposition for 2011. Let's hope the genius behind grabbing Metallica and RATM and merging it with electro has not left the Ed Banger crew and that they are ready to blow our minds one more time.
Only one track is just not enough to judge a full album and we are still as excited to hear the rest, so keep checking in and we will keep feeding you music.

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