Thursday, May 20, 2010

Israeli Dubstep is the New Heavy Metal

I've called many songs over the past 5 years the "new heavy metal" from Justice's Waters of Nazareth to Bloody Beetroot's Remix of FACT to Huoratron's Corporate Occult. However few music scenes, artist or even songs capture this heavy bass/electronic/metal/thrash sound like this Israeli Gorestep movement. I use the genre Gorestep not to refer specifically to Mad Decent's favorite Israeli Borgore but instead to a dubstep movement that is going on in Israel where a small group of producers are redefining the sound of dubstep through the use of heavy distortion on synths and baselines and very untraditional dub drums, i.e. double kick drums as opposed to 2-step, 2-step, 2-step.

Borgore and Tomba are leading the way in this Gorestep movement to bridge the gap beteween Thrash Metal and Dubstep. If you ever wonder where these talented kids ear for rolling drums, terrifying basselines and filthy synths comes from, look to their roots in Israeli Thrash Metal band Shabira. Shabira includes Borgore on drums (pictured above in back) and Tomba on lead guitar (pictured front right). I grew up on Thrash and Heavy Metal and I love their track Scorn, it is fucking ill. While I'm happy that Shabira has slightly fallen by the wayside to give rise to individual projects and Alphamale Primates (AmP), I want more tracks from Shabira. Check out Scorn and see if you agree.

Shabira - Scorn *If you're into Lamb of God or any good Thrash Metal you gotta give it a listen. Sorry about shitty quality.

Alphamale Primates or AmP is another project of heavy hitters Tomba and Borgore. This duo is ridiculous, I need more songs from these two. Borgore can put out his own LP with Mad Decent and Tomba should do the same but after I want them to return to AmP and Shabira because I need more of these Israeli supergroups. Check out Alphamale Primates and lots of other bangers from both Tomba and Boregore.

Borgore - Saturday Night *Yes, I love the double kick bass drums, old Borgore but still my #1.

Borgore - Foes VIP *HQ Set Rip

Borgore - Money *HQ Set Rip, "I'd Buy the Olsen Twins and a private beach", Borgore FTW!

Shekel is another ridiculous Israeli producer who's metal influence is easy to recognize in songs like Number of the Beast. His remix of Sawgood's huge new track Blowin Up, is massive and definietly must have. Shekel a filthy producer who, like all these Israelis, definitely deserves more hype than he gets. Big thanks to Kellen, a sick PDX DJ and blogger over at, for introducing me to Shekel.

Sawgood - Blowin Up (Shekel Remix) *So Good, check out the original too.

Whisker Twister is yet another bangin' Tel Aviver. Trust me YOU CANNOT MISS HIS TRACK FUCKING CUNT! GRAB IT, GRAB IT, GRAB IT. P.S. Cell phone interference sucks but don't worry Whisker Twister is just fucking with your head. (check out Fucking Cunt and see what I mean)

Whisker Twister - Fucking Cunt *Huge sound, sorry about the shit quality

Sticky Feet is from Jerusalem and he his hungry, probably not for pork but for huge bass instead. Check out a collaboration between Tomba and Sticky Feet, which is massive and What's Cooking which you will never forgive yourself for missing. Sticky Feet is insane and like all these basehead Israelis, he is bringing some serious heat. Enjoy!

Sticky Feet - What's Cooking *The Cookie Monsta is coming after you if you don't snatch this

Bonus: Borgore's new mix, Gorestep's Most Hated, soooooo good! Borgore is a great producer and a great DJ, deadly combination. Also a new promo track from Bunny on Acid, yet another crazy good Israeli producer I didn't have time to talk at length about.

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