Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silence of the Lambs

Big thanks to Chemical Jump on this artist. Ben Lambs, working under the title Lambs, hails from Orléans, France and brings with him some awesome tracks that I think have been majorly slept on. Heavy bass, well constructed beats and breaks, all wrapped up in different styles of sound to make you want to shake your body. It's hard to pin him down into one genre. His track "Again" is real hard and grimy, "Vision" and "Taste" are ill and flow with a nice French House feel, and his most recent "Set Me Free" is almost straight fidget if it weren't for the House style beat gracing the track. His remix of Tenkah's "The Walk" sounds almost like Xavier and Gaspard did it themselves, albeit a bit less polished. The best thing I can do is tell you that Lambs is someone that you should not pass up. Now swoop the tracks and enjoy.

Lambs - Vision (192 kbps) 
Lambs - Again (320 kbps) 
Lambs - Taste (320 kbps) 
Lambs - Set Me Free (160 kbps) 
Tenkah - The Walk (Lambs Remix) (320 kbps)

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