Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing: RETZ

Have you ever heard of RETZ, I doubt it because this 17 year old UK resident has only been producing for 9 months and has less than 1,000 hits on his myspace page. However this very young, very talented producer is already making HUGE beats that combine filthy distorted synths with elements of dubstep and hard house to make such a heavy sound, its ridiculous. If you like Proxy or Dillon Francis then RETZ is a shoe in. His track Initiation is sublime on its own and almost unbelievable, when you consider his age and short production experience. This kid's music is absolutely filthy, expect much, much more from him in the future. Head over the his Myspace and give him some much needed love and exposure.

RETZ - Initiation *Prepare to be blown away, This song is A+++++ and only has 40 hits on myspace

BONUS: From another filthy upstart Dubstep producers known as Nit Grit. Nit Grit is a San Jose resident who produces cool Dubstep that has definite Grime influence and even some IDM sounds. Check out this remix from his debut album which you can purchase here.

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