Friday, May 28, 2010

Cédric Blaisbois

Sorry to be posting these videos super late but this post should be a reminder; if you haven't seen these videos YOU MUST WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW! The "Corporate Occult" video is so insane, debatably the most raw and creepy music video around, it will probably make you never wanna have sex again. But don't worry if that's the case just watch "Flesh"and your mojo will be instantly restored. Cedric Blaisbois, the director of both videos and the Teaser for Huoratron's "Corporate Occult EP" (also super dope, watch here), has officially replaced Romain Gavras, Krozm and Spike Jones as my favorite music video director of the year. Big thumbs up to Cédric Blaisbois, Mr. Flash and Huoratron from all of us at Technocracy!

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