Monday, May 17, 2010

Arnold Classics and Brodinski + Yuksek = The Krays

"Arnold is numero uno" - love the shirt Governor Arnie! Brodinski's new single Arnold Classics is finally out. I've been a huge fan of this track since the radio rips started circulating about 6 months ago and so finally hearing it in 320 kbps was awesome. The original is super sick and the Egyptrixx Remix is a ill summer jam as well. Though every mix on the new EP is dope and you should definitely grab the whole thing over on beatport if you're liking the sound.

BONUS: Irie Colors for Arnold. Brodinski has been very busy! He is also currently involved in project with Yuksek called The Krays. The duo just dropped their first Single titled, We're Ready When You Are. The track features the vocal stylings of Ebony Bones! and it is set to include remixes by DJ Mehdi and Clashes. Check out the Mehdi remix below, it bangs with baselines that drive impossibly low.

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