Sunday, May 30, 2010

Parachute Nam Nam

I am not about to direct your attention to a new release, instead I want to share a little jewel from 2009 that I found in my library just in case you missed it. The Parachute Ending by Birdy Nam Nam is very very very good if you are willing to wait until min. 2:07 where the change in tempo and the drop of the beat should for sure get everyone raging in the dance floor (or banging your head harder or whatever it is you do when you hear sick music). This track should help us cope while we wait for Justice to drop some new shit, it has "produced by Justice" written all over.

The video reminds me of Kenny's trip on cat urine, anyone else sees that?

Birdy Nam Nam-The Parachute Ending (Prod. by Justice)

Also check out Birdy Nam Nam's super hyper remix of the track:
The Parachute Ending Birdy Nam Nam Remix by Stvn

....this is a fucking weird video of Vitalic's Poney Part 1 (2006), forgive the randomness..

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