Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ampersand - The Ruckus EP

Ampersand is a production/DJ duo from Cologne, Germany comprised of DJ Hade and Brian Damage. They have just released a new single titled "The Ruckus" which is a huge track and features remixes from SonicC and Highbloo. This single and the remix are set to drop on Lektrolove Records in a few days and it is a must have! I also heard a cool story about how Ampersand signed on Lektrolove, it goes like so: So apparently one year Dr. Lektrolove, one of Belgium's many great producers/DJs and head of Lektrolove Records, dropped the Ampersand track "Fake Motherfuckerz" at the Pukkelpop Festival, the massive annual music festival in Belgium and the crowd reaction was so overwhelming that he designed to sign Ampersand himself. Cool story, don't know if it's true. Anyways check out the SonicC Remix of Ampersand as well as the legendary Ampersand track "Fake Motherfuckerz". Enjoy and buy the full The Ruckus EP at beatport here!

Ampersand - The Ruckus (SonicC Remix)

Bonus: Lektrolove is definitely a label that you should know and love with resent releases like Partyharders vs. The Subs, Pope of Dope EP and The Subs, Vomit in Style EP; Lektrolove is holding it down. Another fantastic release from Lektrolove Records. Check out our Dutch favorites Mightyfools new EP, That's The Shit. Here is the track Baguette of the New EP which you can purchase in full here.

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