Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I swear to god that they are putting something in the water in the regions of Northern Italy and Southern France. The music scenes centered around the cites of Lyon and Milan are absolutely phenomenal and include many of my favorite artists who are yet to garner the mainstream exposure, or at least blogosphere love that they deserve. Tonight we put the spotlight on 2 producers from Lyon that are currently blowing minds and not getting enough credit. Enjoy.

F♥♥KIN TELMINI is Thomas Ouf, an interior design student with a penchant for combining bangin' beats and silky smooth rhythms. The producer hailing from Lyon has just dropped some newish material that absolutely floored me. If you don't know the name TELMINI, now you do and don't forget it. Also check out fabulous Frenchies Digital Cosmic Disco who do a remix of a TELMINI track that starts a little slow but wait for it... BANG!

F♥♥KIN TELMINI - Les Petit Crew National Anthem (Digital Cosmic Disco Remix) **** Don't give up, I know the intro is strange. Trust me, it fucking bangs.
F♥♥KIN TELMINI X Discobeatnikk - GunpeiNES (RMX) **THE HARD AND THE SOFT (Discobeatnikk is better known as Fever 105, in case you couldn't find him)
Darkacide - Teddy Bear (F♥♥KIN TELMINI Remix) **

Sawgood epitomizes the type of music we love here at Technocracy. The first time I heard of him was from his colab with Gigi Barocco on the track Blowin' Up and have kept an eye on him ever since. He consistently delivers by producing the best beats, remixing fantastic songs to further greatness and when he does the illest artist and producers in the biz are quick to rush to work with him or remix his work. Check out everything below because it is all maximum greatness but especially check his new Remix of the Toxic Avenger and Orelsan track they recently released as well as a teaser for his remix of the soon to be released track Grand Slam by the bangin' Deutschlanders Disco Trash Music. Grab the teaser for the whole Grand Slam EP dropping on June 28th. Pleeeeaazzzz come to L.A. Sawgood, we love you so.

Sawgood - What That Fake***** My favorite original Sawgood track
Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes (Sawgood & DJ Antention Remix) *** From the Sex & Cigs EP out now on Mähthrasher (a sub-label of our friends Traktor Records).

Mustard Pimp
Okay, so maybe Mustard Pimp isn't from Lyon, in fact they hail from L.A. by way of the suburb of Paris named Melun. So they are French, huge surprise right. Whatever, there are way to many amazing french producers to say this is a best of France post so all I'm gonna say is that I've loved Mustard Pimp forever, since I heard Gold and seeing them last week at Arena was simply amazing. Let me start off by saying I probably listen to Rock, Paper, Scissors three times a day since it dropped and it is a must have. When I heard Rock at Arena I almost fell out of the upstairs bar area I was fist pumping so hard, also I was very drunk, yeah! It's a cool idea calling the EP Rock, Paper, Scissors because Rock is definitely the hardest and Scissors is all choppy and cut up; can't tell you why Paper is Paper, but I like it anyway. Enjoy the new album posted in 128 so that you go and buy the motherfucker in real sexy quality. Also grab some of my favorite remixes by the Pimps of Mustard, all of which they played at Arena. Jealous, you should be bitch.

Mustard Pimp & Hot Pink Delorian - Rock ***** Illness, thanks for rocking L.A. boys.
Kylesa - Scapegoat (Mustard Pimp Remix) ***** One thousand stars! Amazing song so worth pulling an all nighter parting to hear.
Shinichi Osawa - EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix) **** Oldy but a Goody also make sure you have MP's Remix of The Willowz track I Know. It definitely has 5 stars in my book and you should grab it here.

B.O.N.U.S. - New shit that is just too good not to post immediately.

LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit (Soulwax Remix) *****Soulwax, the undisputed Kings of Remix
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) *** Parts sound to me like the drums and the lead are slightly mistimed but still a very solid summer party jam.

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