Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Good! Whose Remix is This?

I guess the only thing these tracks have in common is that you have to listen to them if you haven't already. It has been a while since we mentioned Designer Drugs and their remix of We Never Close Our Eyes by Scanners is so good that it is necessary to post it. The vocals make for a very nice build up before the track drops on you. Next, Mustard Pimp's remix of I Know by The Willowz is also great, but you should decide for yourself (watch out for their Rock Paper Scissors Ep, we will keep you posted). And to wrap it up you should give Aeroplane's (a duo originally from Belgium with Eskimo Records) remix of Baby I'm Yours (we know is a Breakbot track right?) some attention; and keep in mind how big of a challenge it is to remix an already great track without making you feel like you wish you were listening to the original.

Scanners-We Never Close Our Eyes (Designer Drugs Remix) (192kbps)

The Willowz-I Know (Mustard Pimp Remix) (320kbps)----just give it a sec it will get there.
Breakbot-Baby I'm Yours (Aeroplane Remix) (192kbps)----thanks to technocolorkids for putting it up.


The KRFTKDS put this up a few days ago; I am always ready for more tracks like this one:


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