Friday, June 4, 2010

House Music for the Weekend

We've been posting a lot of rather hard music lately, that stuff that really gets you in the guts and won't let go. In order to mediate what must seem like an overflow of distortion and dub, this post is created to distribute some of those feel good vibes that might be lacking in some of the tracks we've been covering. This songs aren't necessarily the newest tunes out and about, but don't shake them off quite yet because these are some of the best house that's sprung up in the last month. Blast these in sun to celebrate the warmth or inside to forget about the rain coming down outside. I'm not going to go too in-depth. This is dance music. So check out them out and slip on your dancing shoes because I challenge you to stand still.

Munich band, great bassline, love it.

U.K. artist on Ever After Records talking about lost love but more about the French House feel. Ends a little abruptly but still classic.
Nice voice modded vocals (think Chromeo-ish) and great disco-house vibes. Check out Too Many Sebastians for more info.

Phonat just re-released this redo to their previous track. I'm feeling the beeping synths in this, really mellow; a must have.
Voodoo Chilli = Hervé, the owner of Cheap As Thrill Records. Dude has more names than a phonebook. The Club edit is nice, really smooth, and almost sounds like DuckSauce. The Ghetto Bass Remix (I'm assuming also done by him as well but feel free to correct me) is less relaxed but amps up the drive a little bit. Both are great.

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