Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kontact Me Remixes

Boys Noize Records just released the newest remix album for the single Kontact Me, off Boy Noize's newest LP Power. This is by far the best remix album Boys Noize has put out to follow the release of Power, and thats a big statement considering Tiga and Mr. Oizo putting out mixes for the Transmission Remix album which was also huge. However remixes by the likes of Housemister, Beataucue, Jan Driver, Rynecologist and Depressed Buttons make for an absolutely fantastic release from BNR.
Depressed Button was born out of the much loved dance punk band from Omaha, Nebraska known as The Faint. The Techno trio Depressed Buttons is made up of Todd Fink (Vocals, Keyboard in The Faint), Clark Baechle (Drums in The Faint) and Jacob Thiele (Keyboards, Backing Vox in The Faint). I love their remix of Transmission and who knows, much rumored Supergroup Colossus consisting of The Faint, Boys Noize and Steve Aoki may not even feature Todd Fink on the mic and could even have a strait techno sound. Check out their new remix and speculate all you want, the debut Colossus EP is going to drop on Dim Mak records some time this year. Also Swing by Depressed Buttons' website and scope their blog, which is super dope.
The Rynecologist Remix is posted because its is also phenomenal, and I promise that I will post more on this dope Canadian producer very soon. You can also grab the Beataucue Remix of Kontact Me, that I posted ages ago in 128kbps right here and buy the whole thing in glorious 320kbps over at Beatport.

Bonus: I love got so much love for Felix Cartal's Popular Music LP, released on Aoki's Dim Mak Records. "Why Wait" is a super solid track off Popular Music, I definitely recommend that you you snatch it now. Maybe this will be more similar to Colossus' sound, who knows?

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