Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mähtrasher Records Presents: DJ Antention's "Go" EP

A few days ago Russian heavy bass king DJ Antention dropped his EP "Go" on Mähtrasher Records and I immediately purchased the whole thing on Beatport. Trust me friends, this is $16 well spent. DJ Antention dropped two new original tracks that floored me, the title track "Go" is phenomenal and unlike most two sided EPs today the second track "We Are Brooklyn" is equally filthy. Also Mähtrasher brought on a ridiculously talented crew to remix the title track "Go" including The Mastertrons, Super Super, Aerotronic, Ikki, Bigger & Bolder, and Frag Maddin. All in all this was another fantastic release from the upstart Traktor Records sublable Mähtrasher. When DJ/Producer aUtOdiDakT and owner of Traktor/Mähtrasher Records gave us the green light to post a few of the songs off Antention's new EP, I couldn't get this post up fast enough. Don't believe me check out some Artist reviews and support of the new EP and grab original mix of DJ Antention's Giant track "Go" below.
Edu K: best track: Dj Antention - Go (Aerotronic Remix)fuck! crazy bunch of trax! remixes are killin' it!!!! lovin' Mähtrasher right now! 10/10 *Summing up my opinion exactly, thnx Edu K!
aUtOdiDakT: Antention is built to last and Go is his masterpiece yet! 10/10
Brian Lindsay: HOLY SH@T! This track just knocked me on my ass! This track is going straight in my charts and getting massive support from me! 9/10
The Mastertrons: Great EP! 100% ;)
And others like: Cyberpunkers, Distrakt, Gtronic, Hostage, Larry Tee, Markus Lange an Zero Cash! give the go EP 2 Thumbs up.

DJ Antention - Go (Original Mix) *****Link Provided by Mähtrasher Records

Mähtrasher Records is not one you want to take your eye off. With three massive releases in the bag including this "Go" EP, Aerotronic's EP "Sex & Cigarettes" (Grab Sawgood/Antention Mix here) and the new Beatport exclusive release "Dr. Manhatan" EP by Markus Lange and Stereofunk (a must have for Bloody Beetroots fans, SERIOUSLY), all Mähtrasher releases can be purchased on beatport here. Mähtrasher is showing no signs of slowing down. Mähtrasher is releasing The Mastertrons' EP titled "Revenge Is Comming" on July 29th. Looking further ahead there will be EPs from Distrakt, aUtOdiDakT & John Disco (aUtODisco), Noize Generation, Pola-Riot, Rotze and of course another from DJ Antention with guest remixes appearances by The Oddworld, Serial Chillers and the whole Mähtrasher crew remixing each other. In order to satiate your craving for more Mähtrasher chunes grab The Mastertrons Mix of "Go", you won't be disappointed but it might make July 29th seem a lot further away.

DJ Antention - Go (The Mastertrons Remix)**** Link Provided by Mähtrasher

B.O.N.U.S - You all should know by now that TCHNCRCY has mad love for the Russian phenom Proxy but Antetion is posing a serious threat to Proxy's reign of heavy bass champion of Russia and maybe the world. Head over to DJ antention website to understand what I mean if you are uncomfortable with that claim. Pay Special attention to his and Sawgood's mix of the Belzebass track "Du Auch!" but everthing is great and a lot is free, very cool of him. Grab some of his free tracks below and hit up the website to check out the rest.
P.S. No offense to Proxy, who I still love and would seriously Destroy a bitch to not miss him at Hard Summer ;).

DJ Antention - Ak-47 for Everyone (Original Mix) ***Direct-Link from DJ Antention's Site (Right Click). Great Track!!!!
DJ Antention - Ram (Orignial Mix) *Same deal (Right Click). Super Funny Sample, RAM!

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