Thursday, June 10, 2010

Because Two is Better Than One

So, why focus on one artist when you you can get exposed to at least two artist at a time right? If you can multitask then you can appreciate this post and the tracks posted. First we have the latest Barretso remix of Heartbeat by the Vanish. Sick remix with a summer vibe (and my favorite Barretso Remix so far) posted on Soundcloud hours ago:

The Vanish - Heartbeat (Barretso Remix) by barretso

You liked it? If so, you should give Nadisko from Australia a listen. Coming from Sydney and also being a part of Tuffem Up Records (check previous post here), this duo knows their shit and can easily push their way into anyone's playlist. They deliver dirty sound and sick electro beats, check them out; they are essential to Tuffem Up's lineup.

Nadisko-Bring It Home (Original Mix)*
Nadisko-Disco Check**
Nadisko-Believe Now

The question is when will Barretso remix tracks by these guys? It would be nice to see Barretso show the harder side of his sound, and Nadisko's Disco Check might be a good track through which he can do so. After all isn't that what label buddies are for?

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