Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Be Skur'd, It's Just a Bassline

No real rhyme, reason, message or theme in this post only a shit load of the hardest, heaviest and most aggressive music that has been released lately. This post crosses genres, reaching from electro to dubstep to rock to hip-hop to 8-bit. Regardless, there is one thing all of these tracks have in common, they are guaranteed to get your feet stomping, fists pumpin, head bobbing and you skin sweating.

On Dillon Francis' Myspace, right below the "About Dillon Francis" section it reads, "Daft Punk is all about making love, and I am all about fucking." Well that shit always cracks me the fuck up when I read it! But more recently as I was going thru Tokyo Dubstep demon, Ajapai's new EP "Mobilized" all I could think was... IF DAFT PUNK IS LOVE MAKING, DILLON FRANCIS IS FUCKING THEN AJAPAI IS DEFINITELY PRISON SHOWER RAPE! And even more than that Ajapai is probably Transformers raping each other in Cybertrons State Correctional Facility.

But Seriously this shit is ridiculously heavy and scary; it's so dark and distorted that I think even the harder dubstep artists don't really give Ajapai the respect he deserves. This is evident in the fact the more hard electro/house/tech guys like Mustard Pimp and Cypberpunkers are giving him airplay than dudes like Borgore, Bassnectar and Doctor P who I would expect to rep his shit all the time. Check out Warning from his latest EP "Mobilized", which if you are not too scared you can grab on beatport right here. I also through up some of his older tracks, one being his widely blog and loved original smasher titled, "What Do You Hear?". The second track is taken of the "Kiwi & Cherry Remix EP" by Mustard Pimp that was put out on Dim Mak Records, If you don't own this full Remix EP I STRONGLY, STRONGLY suggest that you run out and pick it up here on beatport. The Remixes from Blata & Inesha, Ikki, Gigi Barocco, Gtronic, and Chewy Chocolate Cookies absolutely dominate and are must have for any fan of the above names. But for now Enjoy Ajapai!

Ajapai - Warning
Ajapai - What Do You Hear?
Mustard Pimp - Cherry (Ajapai Remix)

Everyting about Huoratron is fucking terrifying! From his mugshot, in which he looks staight up like a 70's Hells Angel with shaved head and a super thick beard, to his media, from music videos to teasers to album covers to the music itself. Huoratron is one hectic dude. But aside from giving me the heebie jeebies, Huoratron also commands the utmost respect from me as being one of the pioneers in synthesizing metal with heavy electro and 8-bit. Huoratron blends these three genres which all of us here at TCHNCRCY know and love and to create driving, gut wrenching sounds that either make you want to dance till sun up (which can be a long time in Huoratron's native Finland) or straight up destroy something.

He recently dropped his new EP "Prevenge" on Last Gang Records. The EP features two completely new chunes, one titled "Prevenge" and the other "Trolls". Both dominate equally but I decided to post the title track in the interests of promotional name recognition. Also, the "Pevenge - EP" includes the four tracks form his previous release on New Judas, "Corporate Occult", however these tracks sound minimally remaster and slightly crisper to me (though it might be my imagination). However my favorite track on the EP is definitely "Troopers" which is a remix/re-edit of my Huorotron virginity taker "$$ Troopers" which dropped way back in '08. The "Prevenge - EP" is an amazing little collection of audio destruction and terror and I definitely recommend that you pick it up right here. I also recommend you check out his remix of Hermanos Inglesos' track Take Me Down, off the "Take Me Down - EP" which, if you like, I highly recommend you grab the full thing here as the Jan Driver and Original Mixes are very, very good and maybe even slightly better.

Huoratron - Prevenge
Hermanos Inglesos - Take Me Down (Huoratron Remix)

While LONDON DUBSTEP GODFATHER Skream's new LP might be the least aggressive release on this post, it is still choc full of bangin' basslines, melodic leads and the occasional 8-Bit/Chiptune bleep and chime. Regardless of a more laid back melodic overarching theme of the album which you can see on tracks like "Where You Should Be", "Reflections", "A Song For Lenny" and "Fields of Emotion". However this album still can pack quite a punch with tracks Like my favorites "Wibbler" and others like the Dn'B influenced "The Last Epic Song" or the Ravey track "I Love The Way" which if you liked his "In For the Kill" Remix you should dig. But the thing I liked most about this album was his extensive use of 8-bit and chiptune samples. Tracks like "Listen' To The Records on My Wall" and "CPU" are a complete departure from Skream's more organic and Jamacian dub influenced style, a unnecessary but very welcome change. If you dig on Unicorn Kid's track "Dreamcatcher" Check out the previously mentioned 8-bit curious tracks. Grab my two favorite tracks off the album "Wibbler" and Skream's colab with L.A. rapper Murs titled, "8-Bit Baby" and hopefully they will tide you over until the full LP drops over at your favorite music distributer on August 8th. I promise, "Outside the Box" will not dissapoint unless you don't keep an open mind an realize it's not a photocopy of Skream's earlier productions.

Skream - Wibbler
Skream feat. Murs - 8-Bit Baby

Diplo & Lil' Jon just dropped a new grindin' dubstep chune titled "U Don't Like Me". As you can probably guess from the album cover this track definitely doesn't spread the peace and love. However if you down for some solid dub beats from record head/all around busy man Diplo, mixed up with some super agro Crunk rappin' from Lil' Jon, then I definitely recommend grabbing this brand new release below and jumping over to iTunes to grab the rest of this release. The South Rakkas Crew Remix is very, very sick and if you are not a fan of Lil' Jon but like the beat you can also grab an Instrumental Version. I also have Don Diablo's Dubstep Remix of his colaboration between himself and Diplo titled "Make You Pop". I like (but am not crazy about the mix) but the original track is sure to be an absolute destroyer when it drops, so keep an eye out for this one and hear a little preview of the original from what looks like a banger set from the Don @ Extrema Outdoor 2010. In other Mad Decent news, their Mad Decent Block Party is once again returning to the streets of Philly, NY, LA, and Chi-Town. I you are lucky enough to live in one of these fine cities head over to the above link and let Diplo himself convince you to send off your summer right with a free and fatty party in the street.

Lil' Jon - U Don't Like Me (Prod. Diplo)
Diplo & Don Diablo - Make You Pop (Don Diablo Dubstep Remix)

Bonus- Thank you for weeding through all my bullshit! Check out Bart B More's absolutely filthy new track "Brap" in 192 kbps, out now on Boys Noize Records. And swing over to beatport to grab the track in 320 kbps because every DJ needs this gem in his arsenal.

Bart B More - Brap


  1. 8bit baby by skream links to wibbler instead

  2. Thanks for the heads up. The Link is fixed, enjoy.