Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Music For Your Personal Edification: Paranoiak Records

Paranoiak is a relatively new French record label based in Dijon. The record company only has a few releases under its belt, but they are three EPs you have to check out. With all the disappointment that the French team's disqualification from the World Cup might have caused, this is the perfect medicine to boost up that French morale. In my humble opinion, Paranoiak's equivalent to Franck Ribéry would be the French duo The Blisters Boyz . They came up briefly on a previous post, in which they were slightly overlooked, but here we amend that mistake and give you a closer look at this label.

The Blisters Boyz put up their fist EP on Paranoiak a couple months ago, it sounds so dirty, has such nice (and not extremely done) drops, and enjoys the collaboration of Belzebass, Cyberpunkers and more. How can you go wrong with that? Here are some samples just in case you need more evidence before buying the EP.

The Blisters Boyz-Move To The Beat (Belzebass Remix)****
The Blisters Boyz-Guitar Heroes Part II (IKKI Remix)**

The latest release by the label is Kissed With A Noise's Gypsy Rave EP. Canadian and not as dirty, yet still as good as the Blisters Boyz, give this EP a chance too. Below some samples:

Kissed With A Noise-Bipolar Gypsy
Kissed With A Noise-Fuss (The Blisters Boyz Remix)**

And to finish it, also check out Paranoiak Records very first release: Humdrum EP by Star Guitar (Belgium). Guess what? The Blister Boyz were there from the beginning making sick tracks dirtier, grimier and straight bangers.

Star Guitar-Bivalency
Star Guitar-Humdrum (The Blisters Boyz Remix)**

All three EPs can be purchased here in full quality.

Bonus song!!! Download Now!!!

The Blisters Boyz-Dance Forever (320kbps)*******

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