Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mako Invasion

Durring WWII the development of Russian T-34 Tank revolutionized tank design forever. The T-34 was truely revolutionary because it used sloped tank walls which allowed lighter armor to be more effective. The having tank walls that weren't perpendicular to the ground meant that a shot fired parallel with the ground would either bounce off the angled surface or have to penetrate a greater distance through the metal due to the slope than if the metal were perpendicular, making thinner armor effectively thicker and more protective. Since the T-34 had much thinner armor than other tanks of the era like the German Tiger and Panzer Tanks the T-34 was lighter, faster and much easier to produce than the German or American equivalent. From 1941 to 1945 a staggering 57,000 T-34 Tanks rolled out of Soviet factories and onto the battlefield. Truly shocking when you compare the almost 60,000 Soviet T-34s to German's answer to the T-34, the Tiger Tank of which only 1,347 units were ever built during the entire war. The Russian T-34 was truly revolutionary and unrivaled during it's time in service.

If at this point you are wondering why I chose to share this story of the incredible T-34 Tank with you it is for the simple fact that I love loud and heavy things that go BOOM and destroy shit. And even more than that I love loud, heavy, Russian shit that goes boom! So if you are like me and share this passion than check out some new material from Proxy's record label Mako.

To clarify Mako Records is a label showcasing only Russian artists started by the Russian bass phemon Proxy. However Proxy himself is still signed to Tiga's record label Turbo.

Mako has rehashed Russia's dominance of destruction with a chain of fantastic releases from the likes of Polymorphic, Marseilles and The Mould. And the latest release from Mako "Hole - EP" from Eclier. Check out Marseille Remix of the banger title track "Hole" from the new EP as well as some other Crushers from Mako artists and tell me wether or not you think that Mako is the best all Russian invention since the T-34! Also be sure to grab the whole "Hole - EP" from beatport here, the track "Varanus" off the EP is just too good to give away for free!

Bonus - To stick with our WWII them of the day check out Stalingrad, a track that is only slightly less devastating than the famous WWII battle fought over the city. (That is a joke for anyone who I just offended, I am fully aware that 2 Million people died in the Battle for Stalingrad which was one of the most brutal and horrifying battles in the entire history of warfare. To put the tragedy of the loss of life in perspective, Roughly 20 times more people died in this battle than from the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.)

Tenkah - Stalingrad (Ikki Remix) -All jokes aside, Great Track!

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  1. Hahaha, History Channel and Physics. Love it.