Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grum- Through The Night

Grum - Through The Night from The General Assembly on Vimeo.

Grum has some of the most entertaining videos I have seen (how can we forget "Can't Shake This Feeling", where gluttony replaces lust in the weirdest snapshots of a made-up sector of the porn industry... although to be honest such producers probably exist); the video for "Through The Night", the latest single from their LP Heartbeats, is no exception. OK, maybe is not super recent (there was a premiere screening on June 16th), but how could I not make sure you guys have seen a video of a mustache sporting guy from the 80s having an emotional breakdown over the possible death of his weightlifting-buddy/bff/patrol-partner/lover? All in all, you can't argue that it fits the song very well... remixes to come soon.

And all this (both videos mentioned above) thanks to The General Assembly, "a music video/commercial directing duo, creative think tank, curator of cool, and an advocate of gentlemanly etiquette based in Los Angeles, California". Check them out.

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