Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thank you England! I haven't heard some really great wobbly tracks in a while and with Jack Beats dropping his Revolution EP I was wondering where all the wiggle and whomp had gone from the basslines of today's new music. I was sure it was still out there and then out of now where, BAM! I get some tracks from young Subliminal coming straight out Britain with the bass that makes your mouth go wah-wo-wah. It's always awesome to hear some great English music that isn't just straight dub-step and Subliminal's "Way Back" delivers a great house beat coupled with an ill sample dropping into a epic wobble session. If you're looking for something a bit more atmospheric before a healthy dose of sonic medicine, check out his remix of Fool's Gold's Canadian duo Jokers on the Scene. I'm diggin' on the way he wraps the builds of the song into just some straight lose-your-brain bassline wobbles. For a little bit of a switch up, listen to his brand new track "Drums Please!!!" which has some nice steel drum warping to guide you through a chill summer track. All of the tracks are incredibly well done and polished for an unsigned artist. It would be a crime to yourself if you didn't at least check out all 3 tracks below so grab them, give them a rinse, and then rock the fuck out.

Subliminal - Way Back (320 kbps)***
Jokers on the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (Subliminal Bootleg Remix) (320 kbps)***
Subliminal- Drums Please!!! (320 kbps)

If you want more:
  Deep Down South (Subliminal Remix) - Kanji Kinetic by Subliminal.

And the original, very good JOTS song:
Jokers on the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (320 kbps)*

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