Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fuck Ordinary Music, Don't Be A FOOL

If you have been getting some music from this blog your speakers might feel a little violated by now, but its OK. If you can ignore their feelings keep it up, it is all about self-gratification here at TCHNCRCY Music.
Not to amend that situation at all, here are a few tracks by F.O.O.L, which stands for FuckOurOrdinaryLives, all the way from Sweden (we all love titles with a play of words related to the content right?). Rasmus Hermansen and Oliver ''Gripfenklou'' Nilsson give us really harsh and dirty basslines that HAEZER fans cannot miss. Check out these tracks and watch out for their Berserkergang EP featuring remixes by Owl Vision and Noize Generation to be released on iTunes and Beatport by the end of the month.

F.O.O.L-Escape The Cave (Original Mix) 320kbps****** Best Original
HAEZER-Anarchy! (F.O.O.L Remix) 320kbps*** (is it better than THIS Haezer remix of one of F.O.O.L's best?)

...and the best for last (yes, you have to buy it)
Neus - Blast (F.O.O.L Remix) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

If you liked it and you know what is best for you and your traumatized speakers you should get their Ashy Diamond Lungs EP for Free HERE. Homeboi's remix is nice, ELMO3000's is a banger and the original is very solid of course.

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