Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Agitare il tuo Culo/ Shake Your Ass Records Part. 2

It seems that I can't check Shake Your Ass Records' line-up without finding something new and extremely impressive. SYAR's taste for music is consolidated and very, very, very agreeable with our own here at TCHNCRCY Music. This time we won't overload you with too many different acts to follow, but we will definitely show you something that will make you want to punch a nun in the face (that should mean it is good music right?).

Did you watch the video?? no? OK, do it! and do it loudly. That is just a sneak peak into what his Killer King EP will sound like, sorry no news on when it is actually coming out, but it sounded so sick I couldn't resist (saying it sounds like Kavinsky's angry brother gets only half the idea behind the sound of this preview). Last time I was so pumped by a teaser was when Huoratron put out his Corporate Occult teaser...and that is saying something. Check this Italian fellow out, and follow us or his myspace for more news on this killer EP.

This kid is from France and I had heard from him a while back, but recently saw his name in SYAR's page so i knew I had to finally put this guy up here... it has been long enough. Sure the name is interesting, but FUCK does he deliver where it counts. Very hard, fast and dirty. He has actually worked before with different labels (Erase records and others), but recently collaborated with SYAR through a remix of the well known track Broken Symphony by Belzebass and the 'S'.

Asian Trash Boy-Wanc (Original Mix)********Epic, enough said. (trying to Google this track lead to very unexpected results, some might want to turn on the filter).
Asian Trash Boy-Bring That Bass (IKKI Remix)(IKKI is also listed in SYAR's page)
Asian Trash Boy-Whisper***
Asian Trash Boy-Intro****(Yes, I believe that was Star Wars music right there)

Yet again, MORE people from Italy that just happen to make awesome music. The Boomzers are no exception, and I recommend them to you. Also, very important is that SYAR newest production after The Mastertron's Fat Man EP (glorious) and the above mentioned Broken Symphony EP (also in a warm place in a little chest in my heart) will be an EP by the 'S' titled Legend (check our previous post on SYAR if you got curious HERE). The Boomzers do a sick remix for SYAR's newest project. Check it out below it is REALLY HARD!!:
The "S" - Legend (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers

We will keep you posted on the upcoming Boomzers EP WTF! featuring Haezer, IKKI, Aerotronic and many more on Crux Records (released on Aug. 3rd). It sounds like something we will want to get our hands on as soon as possible. Check their Soundcloud because you know you want more.

Bonus: Mr. Wonk

Mr. Wonk from Texas has some very very solid tracks. Below are two tracks that are very impressive, specially the Broken Symphony remix, which shines among all the great versions of this track. SYAR does not cease to amaze.
Mr. Wonk- Headbanger by Mr. Wonk
Belzebass featuring The "S"- Broken Symphony (Mr. Wonk's Green Mask Mix) by Mr. Wonk

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