Friday, July 2, 2010

Rubber: Soundtrack Teaser by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé

Quentin Dupieux is a world renown musician and filmmaker from France who most know by the name Mr. Oizo. Mr. Oizo is currently working on his second feature length film Rubber, which boasts a soundtrack produced by Gaspard Augé (1/2 of Justice) and Mr. Oizo himself. Augé and Ed Banger Records head Pedro Winter AKA Busy P also make cameo appearances in the film which as far as I can tell is about a tire that comes to life and starts killing people, Awesome! So you are not excited by the fact that Mr. Oizo and Gaspard will produce a completely original soundtrack for Oizo's new film than check out this teaser for the soundtrack.

If that still hasn't got you hyped consider that in November Justice made a statement to Mix Mag saying that they wouldn't begin work on their new album until Rubber's Soundtrack was completed. Also, Mr. Oizo's new full length album titled 2010 will not be released until Rubber. So really the release of this film means not only a new album by Oizo and Gaspard but also that new Justice and Mr. Oizo's 2010 is just around the corner!

This soundtrack teaser has made Rubber coupled with upcoming release of Tron: Legacy which will be scored by Daft Punk just too much cinematic excitement for me to handle. If you're like me and can't deal with the wait for this theatrical glory check out Steak, Mr. Oizo's first feature film for which he produced the soundtrack with another French House giant, SebastiAn and French Singer/Songwriter Sebastien Tellier. The music for Steak, is phenomenal and the film itself is very weird but also very cool. SebastiAn is also currently working on a New LP and, according to Busy P, is also currently working on producing yet another soundtrack for Romain Gavras' new full length feature film, TOO EXCITING!

You can head over to the official website for Rubber and check out the trailer and some scenes from the film.

The above video soundtrack teaser features snippets the following songs:
“RUBBER” Flying Lotus unprotected sex mix
SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE JULY 14th on Ed Banger records

Mr. Oizo - Nazis (Justice Remix) *****Hopefully this is the sound of Rubber
Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Rubber Soundtrack Teaser (Youtube Rip) ****This is definitely satisfactory though ;)

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