Thursday, July 15, 2010

HORSE The Band & Skrillex :)

Add some screaming, distortion, hardcore, fast (i mean FAST) drums, some light synths, and dash of old school Nintendo sounds and you have an epic band: HORSE The Band. Coming from LA, these guys have been one of my favorite bands for a while now, probably because of their unique use of 8bit sounds in their music, sounds that surprisingly didn't die in the background behind some serious hard shit. Anyways, I am very happy to hear them again, but this time with a different proposal. They have done some work exchanging with Skrillex and the result was great. (check out our previous post on Skrillex HERE, maybe you know Skrillex as Sonny Moore, former member of The Riots and From First To Last) I was thrilled when I listened to Shapeshift vs Skrillex, but I will let the tracks speak for themselves (if you like Mustard Pimp you might like this):

HORSE The Band-Shapeshift VS Skrillex (Remix)*****HUGE
HORSE The Band-Golden Mummy Golden Bird (Skrillex Remix) Out of HORSE The Band latest full length Desperate Living (get the deluxe edition for a bunch of extra sick tracks like this one!!)

Posting only the songs above is not fair to these Californians that just got done doing a world tour (45 countries in 3 months CRAZY!), their original sound is different and granted not the usual material posted on this blog, but here go ahead and expand your horizons a little bit with a sick track inspired by a Megaman villain that opens with a dialogue from The Wizards (a Nintendo produced movie):

HORSE The Band-Cutsman

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