Wednesday, July 7, 2010

¡Viva España y Ikki!

First up, mad props to Spain for a MASSIVE win today against Germany! I would say that it is safe to assume that the streets of Madrid are going to filled drunken revelers and La Furia Roja supporters tonight. Hopefully Madrid local and producer extraordinaire, Ikki, will be home to celebrate and make the streets of Madrid resemble the video above, minus the zombies (at least till tomorrow morning).

I've been meaning to post on Ikki for a while now, since i herd his mix of Mustard Pimp's "Cherry" a few months ago, and doing the DJ Antention post it was especially difficult not to post his fantastic new remix of "Go" which has grown on me and is now one of my favorite mixes. So with a win from the Spanish football side today, I decided I would seize the opportunity to post on my favorite Spaniard and Madrid resident, Ikki. I love Ikki because he makes the kind of music I try to make, Fidget house with a huge Metal influence (Ikki has remixed with great success: Metalica, Megadeth, Slayer, Chimera and many more). With support from Mustard Pimp who brought Ikki on to Dim Mak, Ikki should be a shoe in for fans of KRFTKDS, Belzebass, The Blisters Boyz, Bloody Beetroots and the like. Also if you are a fan of Trash Metal, Groove Metal or Metalcore you should definitely check out Ikki's sound. To find more Ikki hit up his Myspace or Ikki's fantastic SoundCloud account where you can grab most of the tracks I posted below and much much more.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Ikki Remix) ***** I know this is TCHNCRCY'S 50th Nightcall remix but this is the first and last one I will post, for very good reason.
Chimaira - Pure Hatred (Ikki Remix) **** Dope Metalcore group Chimaira getting remixed.
Lenny Kravitz - R U Gonna Go My Way (Ikki vs. The Zombie Kids Remix) **** Much better than Justice's crack at Kravitz
Ikki feat. Bloody Beetroots - Ikkicletus *** Simple yet effective mix of Anacletus by The BBR.

Eins-Zwei-Drei-Bonus: Condolences to all the fans of the German football club. Definitely expected Deutschland victory with huge wins in their last two matches against England and Argentina a an 8-1 aggregate heading into their match against Spain, but alas. Here are a few songs, all from very talented Germans to lift the spirits of German fans and help you celebrate a when you win the game for 3rd place.

Rambrandt - ALARM! ***** Amazing song, soooooo much love for Rambrandt!

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